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Ora Systems Inc

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Our Mission

With technology as our fuel, we propel the power of human potential – in our lives, in business, in government, in community and in the world!

About ORA

The approach we use in our work is about embracing Whole Systems as it transforms personal, professional, organizational, and community development. The common denominator connecting one segment of your life to another is YOU. Technology has firmly planted all of us in a digital (integrated) society that moves, morphs and changes; twenty-four-seven. Our world exists in NOW.

Whole Systems

Whole Systems is far more than a scientific theory, it is, quite simply Human Nature – the natural order of life. Anything that is human nature is in our DNA – it is a wisdom we are all born with, and thus a knowledge we all have.

Our Vision

To institutionalize creativity, leadership, and innovation in the world as a societal norm.

Our Approach

We build synergy (a bridge) between the expansion of individuals, organizations and communities. As a "whole system" this fuels the tandem growth, integrity, performance and sustainability of all. This organic flow of information, resources and knowledge generates a hybrid competitive edge that is predicated on ever-increasing levels of self-excellence for all involved.

As a holistic system, our digital world mirrors nature. Its foundation is one of constant change. If we are to "Challenge, Build, Transform and Thrive," life is not yesterday or tomorrow - it's NOW. Einstein said, "We are all born to genius." Our genius is revealed when we live at integrity with our "authentic self" in the context of NOW.

To thrive in NOW is mastery. It merges the balance of knowledge, intuition, skill, and practice into a seamless flow, so no matter what the world brings, you have the acuity to respond. This is a skill we all possess, and to thrive in today's real-time world, this is who we must be.

"4th Wave" Whole Systems Government

Fourth Wave Government is a transformative "Whole Systems" environment where employees at all levels collaboratively co-create real-time outcomes and 10x improvements.

The Fourth Wave approach dissipates silos and hierarchy and brings global and shared stewardship and leadership to government. It creates a dynamically integrated ecosystem of stakeholders, employees, families, customers, government, economy, and constituents. These stakeholders possess a pledge to service, with a sense of responsibility for the whole mission of the agency. 4th wave prioritizes a commitment to personal fulfillment in doing our jobs, serving constituents, and leaving a legacy.

"In the end, leadership is less about celebrated acts of momentous achievement, and more about building relationships that are sustainable, finding common-ground where all voices are heard and valued. It's about modeling our personal best. It's about teamed environments where sharing and caring are organic. It's about creating safe-havens to innovate, where there is an alchemy that sculpts our independent value as it ignites and moves the edge of possibility to achieve interdependent outcomes we never before felt possible. It is about a fervent stewardship to government and society where the calling to serve compels a clarity for action, especially when the stakes are high and the consequences really matter. It is about laying the foundation for others' success, and then standing firmly in support of each other that we all might succeed and shine." - ORA Systems, Inc.

Since 2012, ORA Systems has had the honor of iterating and leading the intrapreneurial efforts of government innovators for the State of California in a pioneering program that is building, through CalHR’s 9-Leadership Values, a common language of leadership and shifting the paradigm of and trajectory for innovation in government.

The engine of Cal-IPGCA is fueled by the dynamic interaction that exists between 9 distinct program areas that function interdependently in real-time. To enhance real-time innovation, Cal-IPGCA's organic approach breaks through silos to cross-pollinate people and resources across all participating departments and agencies of government in the State of California.


ORA Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the Cal-IPGCA Association election outcomes for four new positions on its Board of Directors. Voting occurred in real-time during the Association’s annual meeting, held via Zoom from 5-6 PM on Wednesday, May 13, 2020. Thank you to all that participated. The following newly elected positions each carry a two-year term:

  • Communications Director
  • Director of Innovation and Collaboration
  • Marketing Director
  • Social Media Director

ORA Systems congratulates the officers of the Cal-IPGCA Board of Directors for their leadership! The current officers have a one-year term remaining. The 2020 nominees were all outstanding! ORA is proud of the achievements of the Cal-IPGCA Association over the past year. Membership is now over 400 and represents 56 State of California departments. ORA president, Rebekah Christensen, states that "The Cal-IPGCA Association was a moonshot project deliverable from Cohort 2017, and it is extraordinary to see the strides these state leaders have made in creating an environment of innovation and change that empowers all state employees and the interested public to volunteer the best of who they are as they work to achieve Governor Newsom's Innovation Sprint EO from 2019: N-04-19. ORA is excited to chair and serve as an executive sponsor for the Cal-IPGCA program since 2012 and to experience, first hand, the evolution of this innovation movement in the State of California! The Cal-IPGCA Program and the Cal-IPGCA Association represent such a strong point of connection between their achievements and other innovative efforts. Collectively, our state's innovation synergy is accelerating, and it is exciting to be a cornerstone in California's co-creative endeavors!"

Association President

MD. M. Haque
Department of Water Resources (DWR)

Association Vice President

Mimi Fitzsimon
Vice President
Franchise Tax Board (FTB)

Association Treasurer

Jeremy Callihan
Department of Water Resources (DWR)

Association Secretary

Aman Thiara
Association Secretary
Governor's Office of Emergency Services (CalOES)

Gene Romagna
Department of Motor Vehicles

Kamyar Guivetchi
CA Department of Water Resources

Shkiba Amri
Department of Health Care Services

Tonia Burgess
CA Department of General Services

Eagen Patterson
In celebration and memory of Eagen Patterson,
Cal-IPGCA Cohorts 2017-2018
Journey with Cohorts from 2017-2018

Eagen's life was far too short. For all who knew her, she held strong convictions that were ever-present in the choices she made and the life she lived. She was deeply committed to her work with the State of California. Her focus: creating a better world for others. One of Eagen's beautiful legacies is finding her "Why" in life. This Cal-IPGCA video is her tribute to that journey - for her and for us!

The State Agency Collaboration Network (SACNetwork) was a collaborative deliverable deployed by Cohort 2019.

  • SACNetwork's purpose is to connect people, processes, tools, and training to empower and enable employees to rapidly share knowledge, skills, abilities and resources, and to foster the agile interagency collaboration essential to deliver a California for All.
As a collaborative statewide consortium, SACNetwork will feature ongoing innovative projects, programs and activities.

SACNetwork's skills bank will initiate through a query survey to its membership to assess skills and strengths – not just those that reflect past or current positions, but equally those you have passion about and choose to develop.

  • Skills that identify the reservoir of capabilities we represent individually and collectively that will become an on-boarding activity for all new members.
  • For those that see themselves as innovators, the fee-based Cal-IPGCA program will no longer be the only opportunity! Beginning with Cohort 2020, Cal-IPGCA Cohorts will tap the volunteer support of our membership.
  • Members will be able to choose from a range of exciting “change the world of government” Moonshot innovation projects, and from there, the specific skills you want to contribute!

Initiating its 9th year of effective and dynamic innovation, California Innovation Playbook for Government Change Agent's virtual community cross-connects government, academia, advocacy, and tech to create a dynamic testbed that is designed to respond to real needs in real-time. Building…


  • Who Should Apply: Cal-IPGCA's success is fueled by its multi-generational/ethnic, diverse topnotch professional integration. Trainees accepted into the program represent a broad spectrum of organizational levels, including line staff who are considered rising stars that have management potential: first-line supervisors, middle managers, and executive leaders.
  • Cohort 2020 Program: Linked
  • Printable Version: Unlinked
  • Cohort 2020 Innovation Priorities.
  • Meets the State of California's biennial leadership training requirements. (GC 19995.4.)
  • Pre-registration is open!

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