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Ora Systems Inc

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Human Potential

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Our Mission

With technology as our fuel, we propel the power of human potential – in our lives, in business, in government, in community and in the world!

About ORA

The approach we use in our work is about embracing Whole Systems as it transforms personal, professional, organizational, and community development. The common denominator connecting one segment of your life to another is YOU. Technology has firmly planted all of us in a digital (integrated) society that moves, morphs and changes; twenty-four-seven. Our world exists in NOW.

Whole Systems

Whole Systems is far more than a scientific theory, it is, quite simply Human Nature – the natural order of life. Anything that is human nature is in our DNA – it is a wisdom we are all born with, and thus a knowledge we all have.

Our Vision

To institutionalize creativity, leadership, and innovation in the world as a societal norm.

Our Approach

We build synergy (a bridge) between the expansion of individuals, organizations and communities. As a "whole system" this fuels the tandem growth, integrity, performance and sustainability of all. This organic flow of information, resources and knowledge generates a hybrid competitive edge that is predicated on ever-increasing levels of self-excellence for all involved.

As a holistic system, our digital world mirrors nature. Its foundation is one of constant change. If we are to "Challenge, Build, Transform and Thrive," life is not yesterday or tomorrow - it's NOW. Einstein said, "We are all born to genius." Our genius is revealed when we live at integrity with our "authentic self" in the context of NOW.

To thrive in NOW is mastery. It merges the balance of knowledge, intuition, skill, and practice into a seamless flow, so no matter what the world brings, you have the acuity to respond. This is a skill we all possess, and to thrive in today's real-time world, this is who we must be.

"4th Wave" Whole Systems Government

Fourth Wave Government is a transformative "Whole Systems" environment where employees at all levels collaboratively co-create real-time outcomes and 10x improvements.

The Fourth Wave approach dissipates silos and hierarchy and brings global and shared stewardship and leadership to government. It creates a dynamically integrated ecosystem of stakeholders, employees, families, customers, government, economy, and constituents. These stakeholders possess a pledge to service, with a sense of responsibility for the whole mission of the agency. 4th wave prioritizes a commitment to personal fulfillment in doing our jobs, serving constituents, and leaving a legacy.

On October 12, 2022, the Cal-IPGCA DEPLOYED....transitioning from private sector management to California State Agencies with continued support from the Cal-IPGCA Association.  We are proud to release a comprehensive CAL-IPGCA PLAYBOOK covering the program from its inception in 2012 through the close of Cohort 2022!

KollaborNate word overriding a diversity of hands collectively reaching up

In collaboration with One World Institute and Cal-IPGCA Association, ORA Systems announces KollaborNation - "Igniting a Global Community":   Premiering May 2023

ORA Systems is excited to partner with OWI and Cal-IPGCA Association in announcing an exciting new program that is slated to launch in May of 2023.  The focus of KollaborNation - igniting a global community of innovators that taps into the innovator and intra/entrepreneur that exists inside all of us. Organizations and communities don't change through mandates - they change because people change.  Command and control methodologies no longer work because they can't keep pace with a world that changes in real-time and equally important, they fail to acknowledge and access the vast human potential within our workforce and society.  KollaborNation's unique approach identifies the remarkable innovator that exists within all of us. Through the sheer power of "KollaborNating," the flow from independent to interdependent exponentially increases our skills, knowledge, and performance outcomes in tandem.  Likewise, the diversity of our networks - from innovation to racial equity and everything up and down and in between is enhanced through building relationships and linking networks with each other.  Our diversity is our pivotal strength and our growth and possibilities are open-ended as together we ignite a global community - One System, One People, and One World of "right thinking and right doing", of innovation, and change leadership!  

How do the K-Casts Work? 

Each K-Cast (Podcast) features an innovator that is leading change from all walks of life.  Some you will recognize at a glance, others you won't. Revealing uncommon leaders allows us to see the uncommon leader within ourselves. But the common thread connecting all is an unwavering commitment to living their truth as change leaders and innovators in their community.  Our discussions curate their "back stories" and their mission and vision for their lives.  We explore their unique innovative efforts and how their approach, e.g., their knowledge, skills, and abilities can influence yours.  There is ALWAYS a takeaway for the listeners that can be applied, or even ignite a new direction in your life. Each K-Cast will be broadcast as a stand-alone podcast, available 24/7 wherever you download your podcasts. When each new pre-recorded K-Cast is first released, listeners can then participate in a live "Innovation Hub." Moderated "KollaborNating" will expand the contents of the K-Cast into the context of our listeners' lives. 

Not only are we connecting and "KollaborNating" as we build community, but we are collectively innovating in real time!  

KollaborNation Overlays World Map

A "Soul System" manifests when we boldly challenge our fears to live and act upon OUR beliefs and truths whether big or small – a North Star to follow. In understanding ourselves we understand our world. When we are the change we choose to see, WE change the world!

A “whole system” manifests, grows, and thrives when independent parts come together to collaborate interdependently to accomplish the goal or aim of the system. Whole Systems are fueled by whole people that can actualize, hone and evolve their inner connectivity with their outer world by demonstrating relational agility with others, as a collective force of good, in a world of continuous change.

Communities, as whole systems, accelerate connectivity when our independent strengths synergize to collaborate interdependently with others to accomplish shared goals and objectives, and where outcomes for all accelerate our individual and collective excellence and performance in tandem. 

Innovation can be a method, idea, or device, but most fortuitously, innovation creates value designed to exceed expectations. Innovators are pioneers that, through choice and action, boldly exceed expectations in their lives and in the way they impact and influence the lives of others.

Each of us is the Nexus connecting who we are in the world around us. Our networks of organizations and communities evolve as people evolve. Collective diversity and equity is our strength as the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Agility is our nimbleness to challenge, build, transform, thrive, and innovate in the real-time world!